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Molana Mufti Mian Abdul Hadi Alvi
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Molana Mufti Mian Abdul Hadi was younger brother of Molana Mian Mohammed Abdullah Alvi, an Islamic scholar from Circle Bakote since 1950 till his death in. He was a Mufti (Verdict writer according to Quraan, Sunnah and Fiqah) of Circle Bakote who got the highest degree in Fiqh from Freedia Islamic University (جامعہ فریدیہ) of Lahore in 1948.
His Ethnological background
Molana إMufti Mian Abdul Hadi Alvi forefathers who were fundamental elements of Alvies Movement after martyrdome of Imam Husain, maternal grand son of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) came from Iraq to Egypt during Abbasid Caliph Haron ul Rashid dynasty.[3] They migrated to India in 11th century and sattelled in Kashmir. His grand grand father Hazrat Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi arrived current Union and Villege Council Birote in 1838 on invitation of Kamlal sub tribe of Dhund Abbasies. He and his tribe also known as Naik Mohammadal of Birote from Gondalal sub tribe of Alvi Awan. His ancestors and all elder brothers were all highly educated Islamic Scholars of their times.
Early life
Molana إMufti Mian Abdul Hadi Alvi was born in 1924 to a scholarly family; his father Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi and second wife belonged to Rahimkote, Kashmir.[5] His step mother died in 1912 and his father was alone with his six children in Union Council Numble, Circle Bakote at his in laws house. His uncle Hazrat Molana Mian Pir Fakir-u-llah Bakoti insisted to his father that he remarry, and he wedded an 18 years old lady of Kalgan Awan tribe.[6] He was the younger son of his parents.
He got admission in local Vernacular Primary School where his elder brother Molana Mian Mohammed Ismael Alvi was head[7] He went to Shaikhulbandi, Abbottabad for his religious education in 1930. Shaikhulbandi was a religious center of the time in Hazara. He passed his Ders e Nizami syllabus there, and went to Lahore. He started his service in a ice factory for 10 year and also prformed religious duties as Imam there. He got admission in Freedia Islamic University Lahore in 1944 and won highest certificate in Quraanic Knowleges as well as Fique in 1950. He returned back to his native town Birote, got married and returned to Lahore.

Permanent recession to Birote
There are two masques in Central Birote,  one in Khohas and other in Kolalyan. Kolalyan Masque had built in first decade of previous century under trusteeship of Nazar Mohammed Khan and his younger brother Ayoub Khan. They had long services for masque and a Islamic school here. Young Molana إMufti Mian Abdul Hadi Alvi was in Lahore and his late father allotted him a house and a piece of land near Kolalyan Masque, trustees of masque know well his melodious recitation of Holy Quraan, Friday sermon and other qualities, so they showed their will for his appointment in their masque and madrisa. He returned and joined masque as Immam and Khateeb in 1954 till his last breath in 2005.
His religious duties in Circle Bakote
He was a first the best recite and calligrapher of Muslim Ummah Divinely Scripture.  He first time started full recitation of the Holy Quraan during Taraweeh prayers in the Ramzam fasting month in Birote. He also wrote the Scripture in Nasakh Calligraphy first time in history of Birote, which is in possession of this blogger. He awarded with post of Mufti (Islamic Verdict Writer) first in Union Council Birote in 1962 and then all Circle Bakote in 1965 till his death. He never compromised on Islamic Shareah Law according to time benefits and influential political or social influence. He never hesitated to write a verdict in special cases as divorce, rights of women in ancestral land and other social issues. He always worked for unification of people and he preached that:

من برائے وصل کردن آمدی
نہ برائے فصل کردن آمدی
I came for unification but nor for separation among people.

No one objection him and his elder brothers Molana Ismaeel Alvi, Molana Mohammed Abdullah Alvi preaching methodology of Islamic thoughts and teaching. He and his brothers always apposed division of common Muslim on special Fique disputes and believed that scholarly differences among four Imams were a subject of discussion in high ranked scholars of Islam, not laymen. He and his elder brother hated sectarian prejudices and never hurt any Muslim on basis of their religious self likes and dislikes.
Breathed his lost
Molana إMufti Mian Abdul Hadi Alvi was a full time devoted scholar of Islam who spent all his life without any kind of racial or academic bias and delivered divinely knowledge with trustworthiness possible efforts. He was patient of Cancer and passed away in summer of 2005 and buried in his cemetery along with his mother and elder brothers’ ultimate and permanent underground houses.

His elder brothers in Pictures
late Molana Yaqoob Alvi Birotvi
late Hakeem Molana Mohammed Abdullah Alvi